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In a previous post I wrote about the qualities of a good RPA Partner. In this blog I’d like to address the noticeable RPA knowledge gap that exists in this fast growing space. I feel that this could lead to buyers remorse for companies engaging in RPA projects. Therefore, it could eventually stunt the adoption of RPA.
Contrary to popular belief RPA is NOT a new technology.
In another post I wrote about the early incarnations of RPA and some of its uses. RPA in addition to not being new, is what I like to refer to as a discipline. Its not really a coding language, its an art. Granted having deep experience with .NET Architecture, coding languages can help but in many cases they aren’t necessary to create a bullet proof robotic process. To create an automation that runs consistently 100% of the time, requires knowledge that really can’t be taught. The only way to get good at automating applications is by simply doing it. That being said, at CampTek we won’t hire anyone that isn’t a Certified UiPath Developer through UiPath Academy. These days there are rogue companies that have created certification programs that aren’t as robust. To get certified with UiPath you must have extensive knowledge of the REF Framework which is absolutely necessary to create scalable RPA processes. In my opinion certification only provides so much.
At CampTek several of the people on our team have 15 to 20 years of experience automating applications.
My background is on the development side of RPA which involves understanding the underlying components of the application the Bot is interacting with and the creation of activities that empower its computer vision. Whether you are building an app that automates an application or you are using an app that you teach to automate an application, both require quite a bit of skill to get some processes to work and run with 100% success. I always tell my team, every process you automate will provide some “gotcha”. The other important thing to remember is that most applications that are out there weren’t created to be automated and in most cases will have parts of it that are very challenging. This is why it is so important to find an RPA Partner that has a minimal knowledge gap to achieve the expected results.


Peter S Camp is the CTO and Founder of CampTek Software. He has been developing RPA Applications for over 15 years. For further questions, discussion or inquiry about CampTek Software Services, contact