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CampTek Support

Support Email

Contact Operations Team

A quick and easy way to reach out support team is via email. You can reach us at By emailing, you will automatically be creating a trackable ticket for your Customer Support Portal which you will also receive email updates in real time.

CampTek Customer Support Portal

Customer Support Portal

Create your own login and submit trackable tickets through your Customer Support Portal. Bookmark your Portal and use it anytime you need to. You can even share it with your colleagues who might work alongside or with your automation. Through your Support Portal you can submit tickets for Bost Support, System Upgrades and even ideas for New Automations!

Submit Online

Support Form

You may also submit tickets through our Support Form.
A quick reminder: As you submit tickets, please don’t forget to include all pertinent information, including your bots name or number (ex: Bot 003 or Medicore_RequestVerification)

Camptek support team

Customer Support

Once your bot is in Support, you will be introduced to your Customer Success team. They will walk you through our support structure and how to best contact our Support Team. In most cases, our support team will know about issues that arise with the bots before you do. In the cases where you do need to contact support (Bot is not working correctly, schedule changes, Bot modifications, application upgrades, we have several methods to do so.

Email Us:

Frequently asked questions

What if your automations are being hosted by CampTek Software?

Sit back and relax! We got this handled for you. Seriously, the Bot machines, the CampTek UiPath Orchestrator and the Intelligent Document Processing software are maintained and supported by the CampTek Software DevOps team. In addition to providing secure access to your environments we ask to be advised about any upgrades to your systems. We will perform testing before and after the upgrade to ensure the Bots don’t run into their daily job.

What if your automations are not being hosted by CampTek Software?

If your automations are not being hosted by CampTek Software, we can still support your automations. We will need access to your test and production environment where the Bots are running, in addition we require the ability for the Bot to send an email using so we are able to get alerted externally the success or failure of the Bot. Your Project Manager will work with you and your IT team to setup those needs.

What if someone is submitting a ticket on your behalf?

If a colleague would like to submit a support ticket on your behalf, they may do so through our email at

If you need to check on a ticket that was submitted by a colleague, you may do so by emailing us at

What if you already have your Developer and Project Managers email and would prefer to email them directly?

We highly recommend emailing our support email or submitting your issue through our Customer Support Portal for direct access to a team member who is ready to work on your bot automation’s issue. If you do decide to email your Project Manager or Developer, they will move your ticket to Support and alert you to your ticket submission. However, we can’t promise they will have the same turnaround time as our dedicated Support Team.

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