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Products and Solutions

CampTek Software offers an array of products to assist your business with automation.

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The Results

We have learned a great deal from the Camptek team about how to best utilize bots to offload repetitive manual processes. Initially, there was fear and concern about how this would work and whether our needs were too complex for a bot to perform. I noticed our team’s language changed as we moved through this process, and we now realize nearly any process we could train a new employee to do could also be completed by a bot. We are using our best employee intelligence to solve exceptions and challenges, while the bulk of our standard work is being performed by our bots. Camptek has changed how we think about our work.

-Jennifer Monroe, Director of Patient Financial Services

As an RPA SaaS Provider we’ve built tried and true solutions to pain points within your business. We understand the challenge and will apply best in breed technologies to successfully apply product solutions to you enhance your internal workflow. 


Managed Services

At each phase of your automation journey, you will meet a new team member who can offer you additional services and provide a breadth of support to you and your human team. Learn more.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Our teams have streamlined internal processes and automated in almost every aspect of the revenue cycle. Learn More.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Scale up your business by improving efficiency in areas like order fulfillment, inventory management, shipping and customer service… did we mention load bidding? Learn More.


From streamlined operations to personalized care, automation doesn’t just optimize processes; it elevates patient care, efficiency, and outcomes while minimizing risks and costs. Learn More.

Financial Services

Automating in all aspects of financial services will enhances productivity, reduces errors, and allows professionals to focus on strategic decision-making. Learn More.

Real Estate Management

Real estate automation streamlines processes, reduces costs, and improves customer/tenant experiences. Learn More.

Enterprise Intelligent Automation

Enterprise automation improves productivity, reduces errors, and allows organizations to focus on strategic initiatives. Learn More.


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