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On January 7th, UiPath announced they had created the first version of their Orchestrator mobile application. Honestly, it was a fulfillment of a long-held belief of mine that RPA is scalable and can be managed easily. Now you can manage your bots anywhere. As an RPA application developer, I worked for many years to create this architecture. Granted it wasn’t for UiPath but I appreciate how hard it is to actually pull off. While my application got close to what the Orchestrator accomplishes albeit a few features (I would recommend UiPath add), I never finished my ultimate goal which was to create a mobile application that could manage robots from anywhere in the world.
As I wrote in a previous blog post titled, “Many Bots Make Light Work” that explains how RPA can truly scale today because the Robots are reliable and cloud based solutions like the Orchestrator exist. I also wrote recently that companies need to have an RPA Strategy in 2019. Both lead into taking it a step further with a mobile app. You are able to start and view jobs. You can schedule processes and get statuses of your Robots and get analytics. Doing all this from your phone is truly powerful.
At CampTek we have a cloud-based Orchestrator that our clients can access from anywhere in the world.
A couple weeks ago I was snowboarding. In between runs I grabbed my phone and looked at the app to see how a couple of my bots were doing. It was an incredible experience and I began to get goose bumps thinking how this could lead to a more rapid adoption of this technology.
RPA has finally become something a non-techie can administer.
It’s like driving a car but not having to know how to change its oil. You can get someone to change your oil and know how to build and maintain your car. However, you do not need to how to do either of those activities. Today with the Mobile Orchestrator you just need to make sure you have a wireless connection, a mobile device and you are on your way to manage an army of Robots.


Peter S Camp is the CTO and Founder of CampTek Software. He has been developing RPA Applications for over 15 years. For further questions, discussion or inquiry about CampTek Software Services, contact