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Managed Services

We are not just RPA Developers! In other words, we do not just build your automations and drop them at your door. CampTek Software is a full life cycle Managed Service provider that offers an array of Services based on your current and future requirements and can tailor hybrid solutions that you can take advantage of.

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The Results

We feel it is vital to properly strategize the initiative regardless of whether it is in the early stages or its underway. Our goal with this offering is to provide valuable tactical direction to help decision makers understand the landscape.”

Peter Camp, CTO and Founder, CampTek Software

At each phase of your automation journey, you will meet a new team member who can offer you additional services and provide a breadth of support to you and your human team.

Certified RPA and IDP Developers

Our team world class developers know how to create bots that will stand the test of time. With a proven methodology, our Bots are created to be supported. Every developer is Certified on whatever RPA and IDP they are using. With this peace of mind, you can be sure that the Bots will work as designed and provide recurring ROI when they are in production.

Business Analyst

Prior to signing any contracts with CampTek Software, you can meet with a Business Analyst who can assist in vetting out and narrowing down your automation backlog for faster ROI and make the most of your time with CampTek Software. Often, depending on need, we might recommend adding a Business Analyst to your services to enhance your automation cycle program.

Project Management

Prior to starting an automation development project, you will be assigned a Project Manager. Each project is unique and will require varying levels of access and technical needs. Your Project Manager will help you set up your project for success and move it along the agreed upon timeline. They will also meet with you regularly to review project updates, timelines and needs.

Dev Ops

Should you be interested in utilizing a Dev Ops board for project and task tracking, please let your Project Manager know.

Customer Success

Throughout your project timeline, you will also have access to a Customer Success manager. They will be able to meet with you and your team to provide learning sessions, review Process Design Document’s, and host general check-ins outside of your project specific meetings. Your Representative will meet with you or join your project meeting towards the end of your automation’s time in hyper care to introduce you to our Support structure and discuss new opportunities to expand your automation initiative.


Welcome to CampTek Support! When your bot has completed its time in hyper care and is running live, a team of dedicated Support Developers will be monitoring your automation based on your contracted support needs and SLAs. There are many ways to contact our Support Team.

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Hosted Support

Scale and time to market are huge drivers of success for any automation program.

  • As a full life cycle provider, we can host your automation environment regardless of the platform.
  • As a company, we standardize on UiPath but are also certified to host any major RPA and IDP Platform.
  • As part of the sales and scoping cycle, we will determine how many Bot machines are needed to accommodate automations in production.
  • As a Microsoft Azure partner and with SOC 2 Type II certification, we strive for our Bots to be secure, fast and utilized with cost and performance in mind.

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