RPA Services

CampTek Software offers a wide array of services to assist you anywhere on your RPA Journey. As a group of certified UiPath RPA Developers, we can automate any high value process needed.

Our RPA Architects have been supporting and developing RPA applications for close to 20 years. In addition, we can help you build your Center of Excellence, manage the RPA project, mentor your staff and provide business analysis of existing processes. 

RPA Development

With 15+ years of RPA expertise, our team of Certified UiPath Developers has what it takes to build robust bots.

RPA Process Analysis

CampTek Software’s Business Analysts can fully evaluate current or future “High Value” processes to automate. We know what questions to ask and provide thorough requirements so our development team has something meaningful to work with.

RPA Project Managment

Our Project Managment team can ensure any RPA initiave goes smoothly. Using Agile to effectively manage any size project team, we ensure success at every turn.

Architectural design and support

RPA isn’t a new technology, so it’s important to have a Certified RPA Architect leading the development and administration of any RPA initiative.

UiPath Orchestrator Hosting and Administration

CampTek Software has its own Orchestrator. Regardless of whether you use ours or spin up your own, we can help setup and provide ongoing administration of the Orchestrator. You can get the most out of this cloud based game changing technology.

Ongoing RPA Support

Having worked with RPA for so many years, we understand the necessity of providing ongoing support for your Production Bots. Whether we run the Bots for you (as a BPO) or we provide support within your environment, CampTek Software is here to help.


Regardless of where you are on your RPA Journey, CampTek Software can help you get up to speed with RPA. We offer assistance for your development and business team as they are navigating the UiPath certification program.

Center of Excellence Guidance

Our customers are at various places on their RPA Journey. We have helped many of them start a COE and even ehnance an existing one. Laying out the foundation regarding Governance, process selection and ongoing support are some of the areas we can help with.
“By 2020, 86% of companies surveyed say they will hit ‘breaking point’ & will need intelligent automation to keep up”

RPA Services