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RPA/AI Full Lifecycle Services

CampTek Software offers an array of services to assist your business in all phases of RPA/AI adoption.

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The Results

“We have accomplished a lot together in short time. So much so in fact, that at the board meeting last night we discussed additional growth beyond just revenue cycle to now look at development of clinical bots to mitigate burnout risk and reduce click fatigue.”

-Current CampTek Client, Healthcare Provider

We have a proven track record of developing and supporting Automation Solutions. As a RPA SaaS Provider we can build and support the needs of our customers using a “best in breed” approach based on need, budget and effectiveness.

RPA Support

As seasoned RPA professionals, we understand the necessity of providing ongoing support for your Production Bots. Whether we run the Bots for you (as a Managed Service) or we provide support within your environment, CampTek Software is here to help.

RPA Development

With years of RPA expertise, our team of Certified Developers has what it takes to build robust bots on any of the leading automation platforms (i.e. UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Kryon, Microsoft Power Automate).

RPA and AI Managed Service Conversions

Whether you’re able to plan ahead or if you’re you are scrambling for assistance, CampTek is here to help! We will work with you to convert your bots quickly and effectively to our Full Lifecycle Automation Platform. We can even take care of your backlog.  Take a look at our breakdown and faq of what a conversion might look like. 

Automation Strategy Services

CampTek Software’s Automation Strategy & Advisory Services provide thought leadership and direction to decision makers who are looking for quick and actionable guidance on their Automation journey.
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Executive Dashboard

Every supported automation comes with an Executive Dashboard. Learn more and track your KPI’s in live time today!

Legacy RPA Tool Migration

If your business’s existing RPA tool isn’t sufficient (i.e. can’t work reliably with Citrix or Chrome) or isn’t providing the level of scale needed, we can help! CampTek Software’s team of professionals has been working in RPA since 2005 and we have seen most of the tools out there. We will upgrade your existing scripts and workflows to work on UiPath.

UiPath Orchestrator Hosting and Administration

CampTek Software has its own Orchestrator. Use ours or spin up your own, we can help setup and provide ongoing administration for the Orchestrator of your choice. Get the most out of this cloud-based game changing technology!

Center of Excellence Guidance

Our customers are at various places on their RPA Journey. We have helped many of them start a COE and even enhance an existing one. We can assist your business in laying out the foundations for governance, process selection and ongoing support.

Process Discovery & Mining

Use data from your business applications (like ERP and CRM) to gain a thorough understanding of your processes. You’ll know what to automate and how best to do it—proving meaningful results. We use Process Mining and Process Discovery to uncover Automations with high ROI.

RPA Process Analysis

CampTek Software’s Business Analysts can fully evaluate current or future High Value processes to automate. We know what questions to ask and provide thorough requirements so our development team has something meaningful to work with.

RPA Agile Project Management

Our Project Management team will ensure your RPA initiative goes smoothly. Using Agile to effectively manage any size project team, we guarantee success at every turn.

Architectural Design and Support

RPA is a new technology, so it’s important to have a Certified RPA Architect leading the development and administration of any RPA initiative.

Citizen Development as a Service

RPA citizen development enables a self-service approach to accelerating business transformation and automations of everyday work tasks.
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Need help getting started?

Let’s figure out how we fit into your company workflow and make it better with our intellgent automated systems. We can help, contact us today!