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The CampTek Software Advantage

CampTek Software offers an array of services to assist your business in all phases of RPA adoption.

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You have lots of options when it comes to selecting your RPA provider, however not all options will offer you a best in breed approach to RPA and, more importantly, 24/7 support like CampTek Software. Our proven methodology reflects our dynamic, supportive and agile approach to developing and supporting automations. We work with you and your teams to set up your automations for success during the development process, throughout testing and beyond.

Here are the Top 4 CampTek Advantages:

We’ll take you through the RPA process with onboarding meetings, kickoffs, regular check-ins and weekly reports on your automations progress; no need for a long analysis period – if your process is automatable and makes sense, let’s develop it! Once your automation is into production (running and working live in your environments) you will receive direct access to our Support team. We offer support structures ranging from standard business day support to 24/7 follow the sun support.

We’ve partnered with leading software providers in the RPA and Automation space to provide you with the best solutions for your automation needs.

Our teams are consistently pushing the limits on what RPA is capable of, from launching the first successful UiPath Task Mining initiative into healthcare to seeking out the most capable document understanding technology in the world. We also offer exclusive Executive Dashboards for you to access and track your bot’s KPIs.

Peter Camp, our CTO & Founder, is a leader in the RPA space. Before starting CampTek Software, he spent over 15 years developing and supporting RPA applications. Having built a cloud-based RPA application, he understands the building blocks and methods a software robot needs to automate an application. Peter graduated from the University of Vermont with a concentration in Management of Information Systems. He’s often featured in podcasts, webinars and articles around RPA.

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Let’s figure out how we fit into your company workflow and make it better with our intellgent automated systems. We can help, contact us today!