Yardi Utility Bill Processing

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Industries: Property Management
Systems: Yardi


A Property Management company needed to automate their large Yardi utility bill processing activity as part of their daily office and finance activities.

As part of their digital transformation initiative the Property Management organization had been struggling to keep up with the daily requirement of importing bills into their Yardi system. Timeliness and accuracy were a major concern for the customer. The customer consulted with CampTek Software to vet-out the process and analyze the viability to automate the process. The results were discussed with the customer, and CampTek was chosen to build a Yardi bot to solve the problem.

Prior to automation, the staff had to manually process this mundane but critical process as part of their daily activity. The organization was taxed from a capacity standpoint due to the current staffing and labor challenges. The process includes business rules and exceptions that must be adhered to for accurate accounting practices.


Invoices are scanned as part of the automated bot process; the bot extracts the utility bill data from the invoices (Bill type, Invoice date, Invoice number, and Amount) and inputs it into an excel file. The bot then reads the file and inputs the data into Yardi for processing. It also adds the invoice as a pdf into Yardi. The bot then goes and updates the input excel file of its status. As part of the CampTek solution a custom dashboard is also available for viewing, which gives the customers a daily view as to the success of the bot along with valuable analysis and KPIs.

CampTek Software was able to analyze, design, build and place this bot into production in a short time. The bot includes many business rules, exception handling and reporting functionality. As an added value to the customer, CampTek provides hosting and continuous production support as a managed service for the automation for this critical process. The bot is scheduled to run daily on the CampTek Automation Platform.

The customer reports that this one automation has not only sped up this process to save time and money but also reduced errors and allows employees to focus on other higher value tasks.

Example Executive Dashboard data visualizations

  • Visual ROIs of both Macro and Micro views
  • FTE Hours saved
  • Cost Savings
  • Runtime hours
  • Bot utilization
  • Trending and Reporting

CampTek Software provides Customizable Executive Dashboards for each bot so that customers can see powerful and actionable analytics data on their automation success.

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