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RPA and AI Managed Service Conversion 

Recently there has been some activity in the Managed Service RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) provider space.  Several have been acquired or have closed their doors permanently. Tragically customers are left with automations that were responsible for mission critical tasks that aren’t supported.  It puts these organizations in a bind in several ways: the Automations may have been built on proprietary software which is no longer usable, if the software is still able to be used, the processes may not have been documented properly and no internal resources who can support and maintain the workflows.  Lastly, with staffing shortages, there aren’t internal staff members ready to do the tasks manually. This can leave companies scrambling for resources on a very short timeline before the dead process affects critical revenue and downstream workflows.  

Whether you’re able to plan ahead or if you’re you are scrambling for assistance, CampTek is here to help! We will work with you to convert your bots quickly and effectively to our Full Lifecycle Automation Platform. We can even take care of your backlog.  

Dissimilar to these point proprietary solutions, you always own the code and process designs should you want to take these in-house.  

Here are a few key points and questions to ask to get your conversions on track: 

What is the underlying technology? Is CampTek utilizing their own proprietary solution or an industry standard enterprise solution? Is the technology reusable and are the bots transferable? In other words, do you (the customer) own all the assets including any custom activities and documentation?

CampTek Software uses UiPath technologies as our standard platform for automation. As a UiPath partner, we keep up to date on the latest improvements to RPA technology to get you the most stable and supported automation technology. Should you decide to bring your automation in-house post-development, you have complete control and ownership over your process automation and CampTek will work with you on that transition to provide you with updated process design documents, operational manuals, code, and knowledge transfers for your Developer Team.  

Is CampTek Software a true managed service provider as their main line of business?

Yes! CampTek approaches every potential automation and conversion with our Full Lifecycle Automation Platform. Based on your needs, CampTek is able to design a custom solution and team to provide you with the highest white glove service available using the best in breed technologies through our various partnerships 

Do the bots have custom dashboards for daily access to its activity, ROI (Return on Investment) and valuable KPIs?

Yes! CampTek provides every client with an Executive Dashboard that automatically tracks a few KPI’s to measure your bots progress and success. You can find out more about our Executive Dashboard and available customization options here.  

Does CampTek Software have experience integrating with all your current and future systems?

Most likely, CampTek Software has worked with your current or future systems. With over 30 years of experience in various industries, combined with our Business Analyst and experienced developers, there’s a very high probability we have a team on staff who has worked in your system. Why not ask us?!

When the bots are in support, does CampTek offer changes to be made without charging additional costs?

Should you require a process change once your automation is in support, CampTek can use support hours to cover that development need. This is, however, dependent upon the size of the change request and you can speak more with your assigned Customer Success Representative and Sales Team member.  

Please provide a detailed company overview including, but not limited to, years of experience, organizational structure, geographical presence, financial standing, number of employees, revenue etc.

CampTek Software has been in business for over five years and has grown rapidly. The leadership team has 20+ of experience in developing, implementing, and supporting RPA solutions and applications. We have a worldwide staff of 50+ people that support our clients’ automations either with 24/7 x 365 Support or with our Standard Support, which covers business hours and off-hours monitoring. We are an LLC operating out of Portland, Maine. Our client base ranges from $500 million to $10+ billion in Annual Revenue across various verticals: Healthcare, Property Management, Financial Services, IT Service Providers, and Supply Chain. CampTek Software is a Full Lifecycle RPA Managed Services Provider with proven results implementing and providing unique support solutions through a scalable methodology. Our managed services models offer advantages including a shorter time to market, 24/7 support, no software costs, and overall, at less risk and lower cost of entry. Our approach is simple and repeatable. We focus on Bot continuity where others leave off. 

CampTek Software must be able to work confidently and professionally with incumbent partner, and plan for a knowledge transfer process, accompanied with documentation.

Provided there is adequate documentation (PDD’s), videos, source code, the process to convert should be straightforward, and we can expect it to move smoothly. We work with similar and different pre-existing vendors/partners regularly. Take a look at our available RPA partnerships.  

Some additional resources for you to be aware of before you make your decision on converting your automations with CampTek Software: 

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Need help getting started?

Let’s figure out how we fit into your company workflow and make it better with our intellgent automated systems. We can help, contact us today!