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Recently I have spoken to a few healthcare providers that were told by some vendors that they could buy an OUT-OF-THE-BOX solution that could be stood up in a short time for fast ROIs. This is a common misconception and used by vendors to sway buyers into believing this fallacy. Yes, while we all can use pre-built components to automate common tasks such as Revenue Cycle processes, they also require customization and integration with many systems and existing processes that are always different from one organization to another.

Here are some reasons why out of the box solutions are not reality:

Variety of processes. All organizations have their own variety of applications and systems. Even if it is a common process there are always differences from one organization to another. No two are ever alike.

Integration differences: CRMs, dbs., IT, etc. RPA involves connecting to many disparate systems that require customization.

Excepting Handling; Every provider handles exceptions differently and they must be coded to those distinct requirements. These include logic adjustments, error handling and human in the loop needs.

Business Rules: Every organization I have worked with has their own unique set of business rules.

Scalability: As an automation process scales, performance customization is required to meet those changing conditions.

Improvements and enhancements: We have built 1,000s of automations and it is always an evolving process. Customization is needed at the onset and ongoing to meet the growing requirements of each bot.

RPA pre-built components are always used, when possible, to help speed up the development process. Customers should be prepared to understand that for each custom process, continuous development, configuration, enhancements and ongoing maintenance and support are required to achieve full ROI for each bot and the further benefits it could achieve over time as the process grows.

We all strive to get automations up and in production fast so that the customer receives the highest and quickest ROI.

Written by: Bob DiSciullo, VP of Sales