Contractor Orientation Case Study

Industry: Human Resources (specific to Healthcare but applicable to any industry)

Applications: Excel, Skillport, Infor, Microsoft Word, Email


Problem: New hires are onboarded daily. Part of onboarding within an organization is assigning training modules in a e-Learning platform. New hires (contractors) are required to complete different orientation training modules. On average, a dedicated HR team spends approximately 6 minutes to assign orientation modules per new hire. There is an average of 50 new hires daily.

Solution: Enrolls new Contractors in e-Education Bundles, Emails them access instructions, and maintains the Education Bundle Report to check if Contractors have completed their bundle. If so, the bot updates completion status in Infor.

Every automation comes with an Executive Dashboard to track your progress and key metrics. Below is a screenshot of this automations dashboard as of May 1, 2023.

Executive Dashboard


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