Invoice Bot

Until now, most invoice processing approaches have been piecemeal and are not always a comprehensive end-to-end solution. Because there is no standard way of setting up invoices, they can be complex and varied depending on the source. Therefore, an Intelligent Document Platform is needed. 

CampTek’s Invoice Bot extracts meaningful data from an invoice, with 100% accuracy regardless of its structure or format. Once it has this data, Invoice Bot will take the data and enter it into any software application. Invoice Bot combines the most reliable and robust approaches to effectively process invoices. 

Invoice Bot performs the following tasks: 

  • Extracts ALL meaningful data from an invoice 
  • Automatically processes invoices regardless of format 
  • Allows the user to review invoices before submission 
  • Becomes smarter with each invoice processed 
  • Inputs data into ANY application 

Key Benefits: 

  • Flexible Pricing Options: per invoice or a yearly flat fee 
  • Uses best of breed technology from UiPath and ABBYY  FlexiCapture to ensure reliability and scalability 
  • Speeds up invoice processing time while handling both structured and unstructured data with minimal intervention 
  • Lowers manual effort and inefficiencies by rules-based architecture using AI/ML to read and learn invoices 
  • The solution can work in any environment and reduces error rates close to 0% 
  • The cloud-based solution speeds up the time to build and deploy the solution 
  • Dashboards are included to highlight valuable KPIs on a daily basis 

Average Annual KPI’s for a medium sized enterprise: 

  • 15k hours saved 
  • Efficiency and accuracy increased by 31% 
  • Accelerates reimbursement by 22% 

Standardized Systems & Payors this works with:  

  • Works with any ERP System 
  • Can read images, pdf’s, handwriting, natural language, over 200 different languages 
  • Structured, Semi Structured and Unstructured can be read at up to 99% accuracy 

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