Freight Load Bid Board Bot

The competition to win bids on major Transportation Management Systems (TMS) is only increasing as more and more Logistics companies are embracing the technology and engaging Bots to place and win bidsIn some cases, even those who have instituted poor quality bots are failingUsing AI and RPA we have created a solution that will work on any TMS and is adaptable to respond to the needs of the moment while also scalable for the future. 

Some features include:  

  • Ability to calculate bid criteria and profit margins on demand 
  • Adhere to business rules and changing metrics 
  • Bids on complex boards (i.e. Auction) 
  • Agility by processing bids on scheduled basis, weekends or 24/7 
  • Performs tasks in seconds, faster than a human 
  • Provides a custom dashboard for statistics, analysis, trends, and reports 

And most importantly, the bot wins more bids faster than its human counterpart. 

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  Average Annual KPI’s for Logistics company with $300M in Annual Revenue 

  • 10k hours saved 
  • Efficiency and accuracy increased by 31% 
  • Accelerates bid success by great than 30%+ 


Standardized Systems & Payors supported with:  

  • Most other Standardized TMS 
  • Homegrown Proprietary Systems 
  • API’s available from major vendors 

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