Dispelling The “Stolen Jobs” From FTEs Myth

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Dispelling the “Stolen Jobs” from FTEs Myth bot


Over the last few weeks, I have had multiple conversations with prospects and customers about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and how it could positively impact the human workforce or FTEs. It’s clear from these conversations that workers are stressed out and desperately need relief.

Implementing RPA is a logical and easily attainable solution to this problem. However, when the topic of saving hours with RPA is broached, it inevitably strikes terror into the hearts of these decision makers.  They worry about their staff’s fear of being replaced by a robot.

The RPA digital workforce can automate mundane repetitive manual processes, eliminate errors and yes, reduce the burden on human employees.  It can give FTEs the ability to accomplish more cognitive and strategic tasks, and it can provide them with a better sense of contributing to the organization’s overall goals.

One of the biggest misconceptions of RPA is that it eliminates the jobs of human employees. In the 15 + years that I have been working with this technology I have yet to see this happen.

The truth is, robotic process automation is taking away only the mundane tasks from employees, enabling them to focus on work that cannot be accomplished by a digital assistant.  There is an educational process that needs to take place with decision makers who introduce the technology and with the staff RPA will help.

RPA is transforming the way work gets done. As organizations look to automation to increase productivity, reduce costs, eliminate errors, and relieve employees, robotic process automation needs to be discussed with the human workforce in the correct light.

In a manner that brings FTEs into the conversation, empowering them to contribute their ideas. After all, they are the experts with first-hand knowledge of the work processes.  They will know which tasks are best considers to be automation candidates. They are the experts with the first-hand knowledge of work processes.


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