Cerner Epic Migration Data Sheet

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Cerner Epic Migration Data Sheet



CampTek Software can provide an easy way to convert your legacy automations  into a versitile, more scalable and usable format utilizing the UiPath Enterprise platform.

The program also provides forward thinking organizations a more reliable solution than older brittle scripting technologies.  This will save you countless hours and money of having to  rewrite and fix your scripts by moving them to our program that will get your RPA program up to date with the latest industry leading software and services.

As part of the program our certified developers will analyze your existing scripts.  Define and develop new Bots using the latest UiPath technolgy. You will take advantage of our SaaS hosted “White  Glove” Bot support.


You will have access to your own dashboard of your Bots daily activity and analytics.

epic migration





Program Benefits

  • Expert Certified Bot Development
  • Utilize the newest RPA Technology that easily supports Citrix and other applications
  • Industry leading software that is more scalable and reliable
  • Each customer has custom access to “White Glove“ Orchestration and dashboards
  • One monthly subscription and No yearly software purchases and maintenance costs



About CampTek Software

CampTek Software is a Full-Life-Cycle RPA SaaS Provider. With industry experience developing and supporting RPA Applications since 2005, we have the expertise to support any Automation initiative you can think of. CampTek will be with you on every step of your RPA Journey. With our unique background, we are qualified to develop and support any RPA Process. We offer Advising Services, Host Support and Bot Support for all production processes. Our unique hosted model offers many powerful advantages including a shorter time to market, 24/7 support and overall lower cost of entry.