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Partnership Announcement: CampTek Software and Founda Health

By September 8, 2022No Comments3 min read

CampTek Software and Founda Health collaboration via Partner Program would allow revolutionary healthcare solutions impacting 1000 healthcare providers in phase 1

September 8, 2022, San Francisco: Founda Health, leading healthcare platform solution provider and CampTek Software, leaders in providing integrated technology systems announce the launch of a formal collaboration as part of a “Partner Development Program”. The multi-tiered partnership framework will enable Founda to provide healthcare-specific technology system solutions to CampTek’s existing and new partners, with the latter also co-developing new use cases and services solutions as per CampTek specific requirements. These services will be built by Founda’s technical team, sitting in the USA and in the headquarters in the Netherlands, on top of the current platform’s core capabilities.

Currently, CampTek Software successfully provides RPA and automation solutions to providers within healthcare, and with Founda’s platform, will be able to:

  1. Provide real-time data access in specific use cases.
  2. Integrate faster and more efficiently with an “outside-in” build methodology.
  3. Implement new solutions at a faster rate due to the integrate vs build solutions, with Founda offering the former in a cohesive, documented and self-enablement methodology.

“The need for interoperability and real time data within healthcare is enormous and is only getting more imperative.  We feel Founda’s approach to solving this problem is second to none in the technology industry.  As an automation solutions provider we are always looking for “best in breed technology” partnerships to solve the need for our present and future customers. Our team at CampTek Software is honored to be the first U.S. based partner of Founda and look forward to building something revolutionary within healthcare.”

-Peter Camp, CTO & Founder, CampTek Software


“We’re pleased to extend our U.S. footprint with CampTek Software, a reliable partner through whom the Founda Health Partner Network can unlock the potential of interoperability. This partnership will enable their customers to drive transformative change, manage health data movements, and innovate at scale – all within a global, interconnected healthcare ecosystem based on its unique requirements, standards and compliances.”

-Jeroen Netten, Co-founder and President, Founda Health (North America)



Founda Health empowers providers, digital health solutions, IT teams and payers via a scalable API infrastructure for healthcare. The solution improves organizational efficiency thereby driving growth and financial profitability. Built on modern healthcare standards such as FHIR, the platform is cloud-based, zero-trust and moves data efficiently across non-standardized interfaces without storing any of it. Powered by a translation engine that can transform data into standardized inputs compliant as per healthcare norms, we ensure the system works in real-time, seamlessly and interoperable. Built on a zero-trust, zero-storage technological framework.



CampTek Software is a Full-Life-Cycle RPA SaaS Provider. With industry experience developing and supporting RPA Automations in many verticals, the team has the expertise to support any Automation initiative that can be thought of. CampTek supports its partners and clients every step of your RPA Journey, having the necessary qualification to develop and support any RPA Process in a simple and repeatable approach. They also provide Bot and Hosted Support for all production processes. CampTek Software’s unique, hosted model offers many powerful advantages including a shorter time to market, 24/7 support and overall lower cost of entry.