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CampTek Software Announces Unique Approach to Rapid Velocity RPA Ecosystem Scaling for Customers

The term software ecosystem is defined as “a collection of software projects developed and co-evolved in the same environment”. This new environment can exist within a company or organization.

In most cases, traditional RPA development of Unattended Bots can take weeks to months to develop. They generally involve complex processes and require a skilled developer. These Bots, for the purpose of this discussion, are at the top end of the Ecosystem. Conversely, Attended Micro or Citizen Developer Bots can be quickly created in a low code/no code scenario by business users. These Bots are at the the bottom end of the ecosystem. (See chart below)

Within this system, new bot opportunities can be driven by both a top-down and bottom-up orchestration, where ideas for automation can come from all sides and move up or down based on complexity for development. This new RPA ecosystem creates the rapid velocity scaling that organizations are all striving to achieve.



CampTek RPA Software Development Ecosystem


Code Complexity                                                           Process Complexity

rpa software

How it all works?

Businesses use the top-down approach when they have identified a backlog of complex tasks requiring automation. The IT or full RPA development automation team can now focus on the complex RPA tasks and builds. This team determines whether the task is worth automating and applies the appropriate level of resources.

The bottom-up methodology allows for the simplest tasks to be automated by those who understand the workflow the best: individual staff known as “Knowledge Workers” or Citizen Developers. Citizen Developers can now alleviate the strain on IT by providing the business units with their own customized, shareable activities and solutions.

To further accelerate this program, CampTek Software has established a Citizen Developer as a Service offering providing Day One ROI’s by giving customers:


  • Full access to our expert process analysis team
  • Convenient service pack offerings
  • A company-defined or custom use case library and repository of pre-built activities and connected team sharing
  • Onboarding
  • Hosted or on-prem support
  • Full enablement support to build your own bot and mentoring program
  • Community forums and surveys
  • Helpdesk and dedicated support via phone, web and/or email


Finally, this full functioning RPA ecosystem approach quickly identifies which projects to hand over to the business users/Citizen Developers to automate and which can be done by the development team or COE.

For more details, please visit: https://www.campteksoftware.com/rpa-citizen-development-as-a-service/