Payment Posting 

Automating your Payment Posting process can be no brainer. Increasing the speed at which payments move through the revenue cycle not only increases your bottom line but also alleviates staff constraints and any back-ups that would ultimately delay your A/R cash flow.  

The posting of checks is an extremely complicated but mission critical process for healthcare providers. This automated solution handles daily requirements of posting substantial amounts of payments. Timeliness is essential and the burden on the current staff can be concerning. Automating payments from the Insurance Providers can be a huge benefit for Healthcare providers and help speed up AR recognition and cash flow.  

This automation will work on any major EMR, Availity, Waystar and any Payor Portal.  It takes 835 files in the EMR and verifies the encounter and performs validation on each of the exclusion codes.  During the validation phase of this process, if there is a need to look at the PDF EOB, the bot can then extract the EOB details from Waystar and extract necessary details from PDF.  

These details are also used to perform secondary adjustments, Interest Payments, multi-line payments and HRA/HSA payments. Finally, the bot confirms the payment is posted and a reconciliation report is generated. The statuses are calculated on a daily basis and provided in a spreadsheet.  One of our customers needed to ramp up staff at month and quarter end to handle the larger volumes. When CampTek automated the process this staff augmentation was no longer needed. 

Average Annual KPI’s: 

  • 75% reduction in errors causing delays 
  • 5000 hours saved 
  • 600K payments posted 
  • Shortened AR days and increased cash flow recognition 

Standardized Systems & Payors this works with:  

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