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Industries: Healthcare, Supply Chain
Systems: Basware, McKesson Direct


Due to lack of integration between systems, the cumbersome manual Purchase Order process from McKesson Direct into the Basware Invoice Portal was time consuming and error prone. The company was also concerned that this business task impeded scalability as they continued to grow.

As part of this daily process, a Full Time Employee (FTE) previously had to manually log into McKesson Direct and then input many PO transactional line items into the Basware Purchasing module. The Process required manually matching line items between the two systems and then reporting back delivery status and updates into Basware. The manual process for each invoice took approximately 4 minutes and was error prone.


CampTek Software was able to analyze, design, build and place a bot into production within 4 weeks. The bot includes business rules and exception handling. The result, it took a 4-minute manual process for each transaction down to an average of 39 seconds. For the period, 14,000 transactions were run from a scheduled Bot saving 963 hours (about 1 month) and $9,000.

CampTek Software provides Customizable Executive Dashboards for each bot so that customers can see powerful and actionable analytics data on their bot fleet.

Camptek dashboard view graphic

Example Executive Dashboard data visualizations

  • Visual ROIs of both Macro and Micro views
  • FTE Hours saved
  • Cost Savings
  • Runtime hours
  • Bot utilization
  • Trending and Reporting

Also, as part of the project Process Design documents and Detailed Workflow models are developed to assure accuracy

CampTek Process graphic

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