Legacy System Data Migration Case Study

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Eliminating the need to keep multiple EHR systems live

Industries: Healthcare
Systems: CPSI, OnBase and Epic


Interoperability between applications is one of the main challenges in healthcare today. When an upgrade to EPIC, as an example, takes place not all legacy system data is moved and causes ongoing IT support and time. In addition, maintaining multiple systems is very costly.


A very large mid-west healthcare provider approached CampTek Software to help identify areas within the organization to save money.

During an enterprise analysis, it was determined that migrating patient legacy data to a new system can save enormous amounts of money in the long run by eliminating the need to maintain that legacy system in perpetuity, as well as reduce the cost with greater efficiency.


Compliance with new healthcare regulations: Data migration can help comply with new healthcare regulations, such as:

  • HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • Single source for all Patient data
  • No need for HL7, FHIR or API connections or maintenance
  • No legacy software support or maintenance


CampTek Software was able to access and open 10 million files and convert 4 million files and 100,000 encounters from CPSI to EPIC/OnBase. The whole process from migration to hosting and ongoing support is managed by CampTek Software’s experienced managed services team. The estimated manual process takes an FTE roughly a minute for each record. The automation time per file is about half of that at 30 seconds. With no human errors. If an FTE were to complete all this work, the total time working 24/7 would be 5,208 Days or 125K Hours. The FTE gained capacity is $3,125,000.

In addition, CPSI, the legacy system can now be sunset and no further ongoing costs will be incurred by the provider.

CampTek CPSI migration bot dashboard

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