Generative AI ChatGPT Capability 

CampTek Software is continuously exploring new ways to use Generative AI to enhance current workflows or to tackle those that weren’t possible before. A recent example in healthcare, the CampTek bot automation is vetting for medical necessities matching the minimum requirements from payers’ medical coverage guidance (MCG) vs. medical documentation and examination documents uploaded by doctors in the EMR. 

Once vetted for medical necessity, the robot submits the referral into the EMR. It also indicates the specific traits or needs, Procedures, and Total Number of procedures requested based on the data extraction. 

Where does the need to use AI come from? 

When-the robot gathers all the medical documentation and submits the referral once for all the procedures., Each procedure appears in the robot’s input in succession as scheduled by doctors; the referrals are also created by the business office, not only by the bot. 

These two processes result in a risk of duplicate referrals. AI comes into play here with its ability to identify this situation. We identify the possibility of checking utilizing AI if the procedures the robot will submit exist in the referral’s reason already submitted. 

What’s Next?  

We are focusing our R&D on Generative AI solutions mostly in healthcare to aid with Patient Chart Analysis and Summary.  Using it in parallel with our Intelligent Document Processing solutions and other context driven applications.   

Average Annual KPI’s for a Provider with $2B Annual Net Patient Revenue:  

  • 15k hours saved 
  • Efficiency and accuracy increased by 31% 
  • Accelerates reimbursement by 22% 

Standardized Systems & Payors this works with:  

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