FHIR and CampTek Software

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FHIR and CampTek Software


CampTek Software, a leader in Healthcare Robotic Process Automation, recently collaborated with several solution providers to develop custom HL7 FHIR activities. 

Fast Healthcare Interoperable Resources (FHIR) is the latest interoperability standard set by the HL7 organization.  It is intended to facilitate the exchange of healthcare information between healthcare providers, patients, caregivers, payers, researchers, and others interacting in a healthcare ecosystem.

By developing RPA FHIR API interfaces with CampTek Software, these organizations now have a quick and scalable solution to standardize connectivity and exchange data within and between organization HIS systems. It can be used by any solution and other disparate EMR systems.

The custom activities CampTek Software built were developed in just a few short weeks and are now ready to be duplicated and rapidly distributed to the Solution Providers’ customers where standard API’s won’t work.  The custom activities are also now a part of these Solution Providers’ go to market strategies.


Some of the custom activities CampTek Software can build are: bot

  • Prior Authorization
  • Eligibility Verification
  • Insurance
  • Claims processing
  • Denials processing
  • Patient Data

About CampTek Software

CampTek Software is a Full-Life-Cycle RPA SaaS Provider. With industry experience developing and supporting RPA Applications since 2005, we have the expertise to support any Automation initiative you can think of. CampTek will be with you on every step of your RPA Journey. With our unique background, we are qualified to develop and support any RPA Process. We offer Advising Services, Host Support and Bot Support for all production processes. Our unique hosted model offers many powerful advantages including a shorter time to market, 24/7 support and overall lower cost of entry.


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