Claims Status

Processing insurance claims can be a labor-intensive task, involving extensive documentation, data entry, and manual effort.  CampTek has an Intelligent Automation solution will do the following things:

  1. The integration of AI identifies problematic payors and claim types. These types of issues can be remediated via System configurations or through automation.   
  2. Larger more repetitive workflows can also be automated at scale.  
  3. This an end-to-end solution can be implemented to solve the issues with a claim before it is submitted but also as a continuous improvement of workflows.  

Automated Data Extraction and Transmission: 

  • It will automate the extraction and transmission of data related to the insurance claim in any EHR/EMR, payor portal and clearing house. 
  • Unstructured data, such as handwritten notes or scanned documents, can be automatically extracted and organized and entered into an EMR/EHR, ERP System, payor portal or clearing house website.  
  • It’s accurate and consistent.  

Average Annual KPI’s for a Provider with $3B Annual Net Patient Revenue:  

  • Efficiency and accuracy increased by 48% 
  • Accelerates reimbursement by 38% 
  • Reduces rework and denials by 30% 

Standardized Systems this works with:  

Claim Status AI Analysis

Claim Status Automation with Epic and Availity

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