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Call Center Data Sheet


Call Center RPA Overview call center

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates repeatable business processes. Software robots can be built to execute routine jobs. RPA is a time-saver for time-consuming but complicated tasks like verifying credit card applications, sorting through large quantities of data, or storing and retrieving customer information.

Robotic Process Automation methodologies and technologies like Human-in-the-Loop, Hyper-automation and the use of Forms as a Digital Assistants are what CampTek Software does to create multiple task-oriented automations.


RPA Industry Quotes

Automation is a new development in business that has the potential ROI of 30-200%-in the first year. (McKinsey)

“At Deloitte we have deployed RPA software, at scale within clients’ organizations and within our own internal support processes. We have found it to be useful to consider RPA in terms of what it can do for a business.” (Deloitte)


Taking the Robot Out of the Agent

RPA is empowering agents with fast and correct information so they can resolve customer issues rapidly and offer solutions and upgrades based on personalized, predictive insights.

  • Reduce training time and costs.
  • Reduce customer handling time.
  • Greatly increase customer satisfaction


Common Call Center Automations

  • Digital Assistant to Connect Siloed Systems: Login in once to a form and a bot can connect to multiple systems.
  • Marketing Bot: Set up business rules and searches to define customers for automated email campaigns.
  • Password Manager Bot: Saving time by eliminating multiple logins during the day, lost passwords, and session time outs.
  • Agent Workflow Bot: Bots can be implemented to automate decision trees and provide simple workflows agents can follow without excessive training and onboarding.
  • Duplicate Account Bot: Log into CRM systems to find duplicate customers and then delete or merge them.




Chat Bot Integration



In a recent CampTek use case a customer’s SAP and their Chatbots are disparate systems. The contact center agent had to manually do an account lookup, account update, or do a new, full contact registration in their SAP CRM System while serving the customer through chat or on the phone.

This tedious effort increased call times and customer dissatisfaction. The mission critical process was done by hundreds of contact center agents at a rate of 1,000+ transactions per day.



CampTek Software was able to automate the entire process. Based on the customer information and needs received by the ChatBot, the backend RPA bot performs the requested task within the SAP CRM system.

This information is then fed to the ChatBot to deliver the appropriate response. The integration between the two systems improved call time and customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the timeline from analysis, development, client acceptance and production launch were roughly four weeks from start to finish. Daily, the SAP/Chatbot automated thousands of registrations and updates.

In addition, contact agent hours saved is averaging 3000/month. Above all, the solution reduces agent load and customer wait times but also improves contact resolution and overall customer satisfaction.


Call Center Assistant



A call center was looking to eliminate errors made by agents when processing customer requests for address changes. These errors resulted in customer dissatisfaction and lost time and revenue.



A Bot was developed to guide the agent through the process of handling of address changes. The Bot accelerates the order entry and provides a script for agents to confirm before completion saving time and improving the customer experience.

About CampTek Software

CampTek Software is a Full-Life-Cycle RPA SaaS Provider. With industry experience developing and supporting RPA Applications since 2005, we have the expertise to support any Automation initiative you can think of. CampTek will be with you on every step of your RPA Journey. With our unique background, we are qualified to develop and support any RPA Process. We offer Advising Services, Host Support and Bot Support for all production processes. Our unique hosted model offers many powerful advantages including a shorter time to market, 24/7 support and overall lower cost of entry.