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30-Day Bots Data Sheet rpa in healthcare

CampTek Software the leader in HEALTHCARE RPA development, hosting and support delivers Revenue Cycle Management BOTS ready to install and produce significant ROI in 30 days.


30 DAY BOTS Include:

  • Eligibility Checking Bot
  • Patient Registration Bot
  • Insurance Claims Bot
  • Encounters Bot
  • Invoice Processing Bot


You will see improvements such as:

  • Increased claims rates
  • Decrease in accounts receivable A/R days
  • Decrease in denials.
  • Increased speed in prior authorization and eligibility.
  • Cash flow
  • Employee and customer satisfaction


With our “White Glove” support service, we can get your business up to speed quickly.  Advantages include low cost of entry, reduced risk, no software purchase, complete bot support, SaaS Hosted business model.


Here’s an example of how our bots can help your business:

Full time Employees (FTE) had to manually enter an encounter number, name, and several other demographics for up to 670 patients per day. The workflow had many steps and variables that added to the overall complexity. As part of the process, it manages 4 payers (Aetna, Blue Cross, Humana, United Healthcare), 10 business rule exceptions and 3 built-in system exceptions.



By utilizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions, CampTek Software was able to automate the entire process quickly. The timeline from analysis, development, client acceptance and then into live production was a roughly four weeks from start to finish.

The 13,000+ claim checks per month runs daily and has shown to dramatically reduce A/R days with extremely high success. FTE hours saved is averaging 1000/month. The Bot keys data into 30 fields, loops through images and handles unexpected errors within a Citrix environment.

CampTek Software is the leading RPA SaaS Provider and can offer a wide array of services to assist you anywhere on your RPA Journey. Our team of certified experts focus on Bot development, “White Glove” Hosting and Ongoing Bot Support.  With over 17 years of Healthcare RPA experience supporting and developing RPA applications, we are the easy choice.


About CampTek Software

CampTek Software is a Full-Life-Cycle RPA SaaS Provider. With industry experience developing and supporting RPA Applications since 2005, we have the expertise to support any Automation initiative you can think of. CampTek will be with you on every step of your RPA Journey. With our unique background, we are qualified to develop and support any RPA Process. We offer Advising Services, Host Support and Bot Support for all production processes. Our unique hosted model offers many powerful advantages including a shorter time to market, 24/7 support and overall lower cost of entry.