A Response to “Why Humans Will Never Understand AI”

Article for reference: Why humans will never understand AI - BBC Future There are generally two outlooks on AI. One ...
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RPA is Still Cutting Edge to Most

It’s been a bit since the halcyon days of 2017/2018 when RPA landed on the radar of analysts like Gartner, ...
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Is 2023 the Year for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)?

It's estimated that 95% of corporate information exists on paper and/or scanned documents.  Most agreements, contracts, invoices, reports, etc. that ...
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RPA 2023: Where are we going

RPA 2023: Where Are We Going?!

After a somewhat turbulent stretch from 2017-2022, the same question can be asked of RPA, IPA, AI and anything related ...
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RPA Killer Use Case: Data Migrations

It is said that, on average, 31% of an organization’s technology is made up of legacy systems. Maintaining those systems can be ...
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RPA *is* an Enterprise Platform

You read that right.  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the present tense now offers capabilities that far exceed its early ...
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How to Prepare for a Scope Call

Scope calls are essential to the early development process of building our customers’ automation solutions.  Scope calls are the event ...
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RPA as a Service is Not New or Unique

Is an RPA platform or is a Partner most important when starting or continuing your automation journey?  This is a ...
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RPA 2022.7: A Recession Proof Technology?

The promise of RPA and AI have been the same since their inception: you can do more with less.  This ...
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RPA Needs Support to Thrive

Back in the halcyon days of 2018 when RPA was generating massive buzz and UiPath was being recognized as a ...
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