McKesson Goods Received Robt

Goods Received Robot Case Study for McKesson Direct

CampTek Software is showcasing its UiPath Robot Case Study that integrates invoice management via sFTP servers and the Basware system. CampTek Software has built the Goods Received Robot for a large specialized Medicine Organization headquartered in Fort Myers Florida. Follow along as we dive deeper into the implementation methodology robot and its case study.

The healthcare provider operates 165 treatment centers, including 129 centers located in 15 U.S. states. The Company also operates 36 centers located in eight countries in Latin America.


Due to lack of integration between systems this cumbersome manual Purchase Order process from McKesson Direct into the Basware Invoice Portal was time consuming and error prone.

As part of this daily process, a Full Time Employee (FTE) previously had to manually log into the McKesson Direct and then input many PO transactional line items into the Basware Purchasing module. The Process requires matching line items between the two systems and then reports back status and updates. The manual process for each invoice taking approximately 5 minutes.

CampTek Software instituted its methodology of Analysis, Development, Acceptance and Support to create the RPA solution that was implemented to address the existing process inefficiencies.

The RPA solution automatically streamline’s the McKesson Direct receiving process workflow for each transaction down to 15 to 20 seconds. During a typical month it quickly processes roughly 400-500 transactions and ultimately saves an average of 50 hours per month and reduces errors to 0. The solution also matches line items between the two systems, creates runtime and stats reports and email confirmation.

See attached video of this Bot running!