RPA InvoiceBot

Automate Invoice Processing with CampTek’s InvoiceBot

Is your business seeking help with invoice processing?  Perhaps this function is slowing your operations down and effecting your bottom line.  You may have heard about Bots capable of invoice processing, but you may have also heard they don’t work.  That’s because many invoice processing approaches on the market are cobbled together.  Often this is due to the nature of invoices and the lack of processing standardization amongst companies.  Everyone processes invoices differently with methodology that’s often complex and with a lot of moving parts.  Automating invoices is … complicated.

Now more than ever, your invoices need an Intelligent Document Platform. Enter InvoiceBot!  InvoiceBot extracts meaningful data from an invoice, with 100% accuracy regardless of its structure or format. Once it has this data, InvoiceBot will take it and enter it into any software application.  InvoiceBot combines the most reliable and robust approaches to effectively process invoices.

“The InvoiceBot is a complete solution, it can recognize any invoice and input it into any application.  In these times, we believe that it’s important for organizations to achieve “Day One Value” for any expenditure made and InvoiceBot is just that, “ Peter Camp, CTO & Founder of CampTek Software stated.

InvoiceBot performs the following tasks:
  • Extracts ALL meaningful data from an invoice
  • Automatically processes invoices regardless of format
  • Allows the user to review invoices before submission
  • Becomes smarter with each invoice processed
  • Inputs data into ANY application
Key Benefits:
  • Flexible Pricing Options: per invoice or a yearly flat fee
  • Uses best of breed technology from UiPath and ABBYY FlexiCapture to ensure reliability and scalability
  • Speeds up invoice processing time while handling both structured and unstructured data with minimal intervention
  • Lowers manual effort and inefficiencies by rules-based architecture using AI/ML to read and learn invoices
  • The solution can work in any environment and reduces error rates close to 0%
  • The cloud-based solution speeds up the time to build and deploy the solution

Check Out the InvoiceBot in Action!