Technology will work for humans

Flipping the Script – Technology will soon work for Humans.

As someone that has embraced technology, developed software and evangelized about its use, I think we are very close to ...
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Automating the Virtual Dektop

Next Gen RPA: Automating the Virtual Desktop

In a recent blog post I spoke of how AI and RPA are now working together better than ever. Two ...
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RPA and Lean

RPA and Lean: A Great Team!

As Bill Gates once said “The first rule of any technology used in business is that automation applied to an ...
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RPA with AI

Automation on Steroids! RPA with AI

When I wrote my first blog, What is RPA (really?), I spoke about how “AI Robots (that) will make business ...
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RPA and SecurITy

RPA and SecurITy: No – these robots aren’t coming to hack your systems!

Security remains an ongoing concern, whether your company is just starting RPA or far along on your journey. I’m guilty ...
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RPA 2019

RPA 2019: Data in its Right Place

Radiohead is my favorite band of all time. Throughout their catalog there are songs that are melancholy, cerebral and intricate ...
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RPA 2019 robot human

RPA 2019: Take the Robot Out of the Human

Recently UiPath released a study (2019) that indicated that 70% of organizations believe that an RPA robot enables their employees ...
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RPA vs API: Which is better and why?

As stated in this article, RPA’s adoption rate is quickly increasing as organizations are looking to automate more and more ...
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RPA and Healthcare

RPA and Healthcare: An Ideal Match

We recently went to the HIMSS19 conference and participated in the “vendor meets vendor” trek around the massive Orange County ...
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RPA Knowledge Gap

RPA 2019: The Obvious Knowledge Gap

In a previous post I wrote about the qualities of a good RPA Partner. In this blog I’d like to ...
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