CampTek Software announces industry leading production Low Code Digital Assistant

Portland, ME (February 24, 2021) – CampTek Software rolls out Digital Assistant Low Code Attended Bot at UiPath Reboot Festival

As a recognized Automation Leader, CampTek Software was recently invited to present at the UiPath Worldwide Reboot Festival as one of the only companies that has rolled out a production-ready Low Code Digital Assistant.

This Attended Bot was created in a few short hours and brought a 50-step process down to five (5) steps , ultimately saving hundreds of thousands of dollars for the client.

“This new platform can rapidly and easily roll out a Digital Assistant on every desktop. It is agile in development and can significantly reduce navigational compression, as in this example. Customers now have the power to integrate human-in-the-loop methodology into their daily work activities. We were excited to be asked to present at the Reboot Festival and offer this exciting platform to our customers”, Peter Camp, CTO and Founder.

Further benefits include easy development and quick deployment across multi platforms, applications, ERP, CRM, and legacy systems.

CampTek Software has been developing RPA automation applications and solutions for almost 20 years and the focus has always been on the back office – until now This includes finding high-value use cases that can return immediate ROI. These new Low Code bots are less governed and procured like wide–use bots. They can be highly customized to a specific need of a knowledge worker.

It is a new path, but one that will be widely adopted as companies try to optimize their business processes to be more effective and more productive. Low Code Apps can be applied as an overlay, (not in addition) to their current systems. With companies utilizing multiple systems, RPA and Low code bots can unite them all and make the knowledge worker more efficient and powerful in the process.

For more information, view our case study and a video demonstration here.

About CampTek Software:

CampTek Software is a unique RPA Partner in that we have the background to develop and support any RPA Process. With nearly 20 years of experience, we can be a trusted advisor in your RPA journey. In addition, we offer full hosted and bot support for the processes that are in production.

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